November 11, 2007

Festival of Lights!
We celebrated diwali yesterday, diwali is more like 'christmas of India', one of the biggest festival. But here in Europe I see Christmas as an family affair but diwali is more of friends and family affair. Traditional way of diwali goes for more than a week, it beings with making of few kgs of sweets to distribute to almost all the known people, neighbors, teachers, the postman,garbage collector,watchman, drivers etc. As a kid me and brother divide the street and each one take one side of the street to distribute sweets to all out neighbors of the street and show off our new dress, evening we lit up the street with fire crackers and lights. Hmm! that was the most awaited festival as a kid. Yesterday, in Paris we did a miniature version of diwali, with lots of sweets and good food with Niranjan's friends and family. Thus we added some light and sweet to my gloomy days! more pics!


MrM said...

Happy Dipavali!
I am sorry I forgot to wish you on the day itself... But I still mean it!
May there be much bright and generous light to shine on your path this coming year, and many sweets to make life´s hardships a little easier to swallow (strange judeo-christo-hindu syncretic well wishes here, I´m sorry!). I´m happy to read you had a nice party, it´s a great little expat community you have there...
And I hope you got lots of new nice clothes too (a little consumerism never hurt any religious celebration, now did it?)
To sum this all up:
Happy holidays!
And everything good there is in the world to you - yeah, right at your door step!

Bonnes fetes!

iamyuva said...

wish you happy Deepavali

Uma said...

Diwali wished and lots of light to you guys too...!

Mr.M! we missed you in the celebration, that too it was just next door your lovely 'new' apartment. It would have been a nice little preview of Indian Pooja (Prayer) anyways..I kept some sweets for you (Ha! Ha! Ha! you just cant escape from my sweets!)

See you soon!

What a coincidence..I am going to talk about photosynthesis in my tomorrow's thesis committee talk! I can appreciate the light more than ever now ;-)