July 02, 2007

Thank God it was a weekend!

When I don’t update my blog regularly without prior announcements, means I am in a deep shit. Fifteen days to go for the summer vacation, along with the preparation for three weddings, and handling three work deadlines, with all these last minute stuff, when you have to redo your last one week of work (for no fault of yours) …how does that feel? That’s how I finished my last week, now where can get more energy to start the new week, obviously from a good food. That too when it’s a very exotic “German Jewish poppy seed lemon cake”, Hmmmm! What would have happened if I had only friends from my work? What would have happened if I didn’t have friends like Micha, who do magic with his wonderful cake! Thank God it was a weekend!


iamyuva said...

sure is wonder cake..L)

but summer heat is killing here, last weekend went under my roof..;~( but good movie thou

Uma said...

heat? How does it feel like! we have not seen the sun for almost for past few weeks in Paris! cloudy..rainy..depressing!