June 24, 2007

Process of cooling down!

Hmm! I am getting addicted to naughty Stewie and the Zen faced Brian. Check this out, yeah! Brian is right, alcohol is not a solution for depression or anger there are many other ways, so what did I do to feel better this weekend?
Spoke to 10 of my friends from Bangalore (who needs counselors when you have loving friends to listen to you) and 6 of my family members, especially with my little niece, nephew and cousins in Madurai. (Thanks to skype)

Treated myself with big and elaborate Indian lunch and dinner (thanks to this amazing 'menu today ' blog with many different south Indian recipes). I have never cooked so many dishes for myself so far, I will gain few pounds for sure…but who cares. When I have tips and tricks to lose 23 kgs, I can mange with this few pounds.

well..here is one tip for weight loss..Drink lot of tea and water(upto 3 litrs) especially oolong, some teas are recommended in Zen meditation, they have calming effect it seems. Tieguanyin, works well for me. It also shown to increase the metabolism and hence I need it during my obsessive eating.

And then two hours of meditation with my Paris meditation group. Believe me, long-term mediators can calm you down with their calm aura and eyes.

Ok..let me get back to my article writing, deadline is very close by!


Anonymous said...

cooool! thats like my girl ;-)

iamyuva said...

meditation..!! good movie can and sleep can do the tricks(ok, iam lazy) and yes, friends are therapists. blogs works for me as well.

Uma said...

yeah! good movie(Specially some kids stuff) and blog works for me too...but i don't get sleep when I am stressed :-(