July 25, 2007

Flying bad Irish airlines!

Yesterday! I took my flight back to Paris, In my dictionary the word Paris is always linked with stress. The stress started even before I boarded the flight to Paris. The cheap air lines are crap, but students like me who love to travel always stick on to that, but this time after the mess they made, I seriously made up my mind not to take it anymore! I did an online check in as I always do when I travel, but this time, they said Indian passport people can’t make an online check in, they made me run to their office in the last minute and pay some extra money to get another boarding pass, pass through the security check all again and jumped into the flight (literally running in the runway) just few minutes before the take off. Ooops! What a stress! I am not going to take Ryanair ever in my life again, if you guys ever read in my blog, that I flew Ryanair, you have all rights to fly to Paris and give me one tight slap (Don’t worry! I will take my revenge by paying for your flight ticket in Ryanair). To add fire to my stress, when I reached my lab, this is how it was!

Well! I am now sitting in my boss’s office, recalling all the nice time I had for the past 10days and making my blog entries, with fake dates, I am doing it just to keep a track of the actual dates, so my regular blog readers please! don’t get confused .


Anonymous said...

you/your boss work with champagne bottle? thats how the research goes in France?


Uma said...

as you saw in the photo, my lab is just upside down for renovation, I didn't find a cup for water! believe me...I was just reusing a champagne bottle for water, in the Indian style!


Anton said...

ah ah ah funny comment..... i worked in that lab for a while and i can say if there had been bottles of champagne on desks on a regular basis it would have been nicer!

Anonymous said...

Ryan air has some free tickets too. Interested in flying to Khazagistan with them?

Uma said...

free! with ryanair? ha..ha..ha..! try to check out the ticket for even Khazagistan , you have to add the following charges to it!

tax :20 euros
boarding pass: 3 euros
proity boarding (you can board 5 min in advance : 3 euros
luggage : 12 for each piece of bag you carry. (24 lets say you have 2)
and i am sure the airport they fly from and to will be atleast 100 kms from the destination, you will be forced to take their shuttle: 26 euros (one way)

In ryanair if they say free ticket it means min 76 euros

luckily they still didn't start to charge for using toilet in the flight!

Jonathan said...

what you look like stylish french women. madurai punnuku vanda valva parada. madurai kukgramathula irunthu ippo vellai kari mari aie vittai. Enthan irunthalum color marathula ha ha ha ha.

Uma said...

daei! yenoda colour arrumai, inga irukiravungaluku thaan theriuthu...kazuthai ku theriuma karpura vasanai!