July 21, 2007

Joaquin y Raquel

It was the big wedding day! I didn’t have any idea about how it’s going to go, but from the previous party night, I was able to guess that it’s going to be with lots of food, drinks and fun. The wedding was at one o’clock in the afternoon, we all met in the groom’s house and the reception started short with beer and drinks and the traditional church ceremony! As we left for the church, with the groom!

The prince( Joaquin) and princess (Raquel ) of Elda, getting ready for their wedding!

We then drove to a small resort on a top of a small hill, a perfect place for 400 people to party without disturbing the neighborhood. The party started at 2:30 with a six-course lunch, which went on till 6:30 in the evening. After that, the party took a new turn; we were given accessories to disguise.

That’s Anton turned into a Spanish Guardia Civil (The Spanish gendarmery ) My camera was really very fast, to catch his serious face, which lasted for very few seconds and well! With the hand he used for saluting, you can know how patriotic he is!

And as the groom was a big fan of Elvis Presley there were many many Elvis around.Hmm! That’s right! That’s right! It’s me…Indian turned into a Red Indian!

The disguised people were checking the durability of the dance floor till 6 in the morning! Wow! What a (Spanish) wedding!


Anonymous said...

this guy has a great and wealthy future in the Guardia Civil!!!
Though he should cut its moustache a little bit...

Uma said...

yeah! u are right!he is suppose to be guarding the people but he poked few people with his sharp mustache in the party!

btw I know two Joe, from two ends of the world, I dont know if its joe the caribbean or joe the Korean


Anton said...

i bet it's joe the caribbean, he is an unconditional supporter of my potentials, he was recently encouraging me to become a carpenter but he also sees my hidden talents as a servant of my country, THE KINGDOM OF SPAIN, A UNIT OF DESTINY WITHIN THE UNIVERSAL