July 08, 2007


I will be off my Paris home, almost for a month. Today morning as I started planning to pack my things in my backpack, a thought came to my mind. If I have to permanently leave Paris, I felt that I can happily leave behind all the things I possess in my home, I was not emotionally attached to anything. After living in 15 different towns and at least in 20 different houses for the past 30 years, I guess it’s quite natural to left with an empty feeling for a place. Forget the houses, among the places I have visited so far, I guess the only place I miss or not get enough of is Thiruparamkundram temple, a small temple very close to my home town Madurai. Well! Even if you are not a religious person, you can’t deny the peace that surrounds these over crowded temples. Even in a hot and disturbed summer, entering a completely stone carved ancient temple of Madurai can cool your body and mind. During my restless days, I dream about the pond, and the fishes I fed there in this more than 2000 year old temple.


iamyuva said...

with my history of relocations (and 1more coming soon).. I can totally relate too leaving behind stuff from home..

for me-- Chennai hold somuch childhood memories from beaches to crowded bus.. hmm..

but then whatz in places anyways..its always people that make us to love or hate any place. don't u think?

Uma said...

welcome to nomads club :-)

recently, when I was talking to one of my prof. about the changes I faced in my life and also knowing me, he said I may be suffering from future shock and he suggested me read the book "Future shock" by Alvin Toffler! have you read this book? I guess i didnt see that in your long list of tag books if you get a chance to read it, I like to know your opinion. I reading it now!

Right ! people make us love or hate the place, but most of the time in the process of adopting to new place, I have scared off my 'old' friends! unfortunately the people around me are not able to understand and accept the rate of changes I face in the surroundings and in myself during my process of adopting to the new place!

Luckily!In the new place, I always find a bunch of very adorable people, who help me to adopt to the new place!

BTW: where are you moving from Greece?