July 13, 2007


End of a very hectic week, I didn’t have time to plan or even dream about my summer vacation, but very first day of my holidays was filled with surprises, landed in Spain in the morning and as I was having stroll in the historic center of Girona with Sui and Anton, we just entered a shop and had my more than 10 years old wish fulfilled. I got some additional ear piercing. (Sorry mom! I know you will be mad at me for this, but I really wanted to do it…I am sure you will like it). Then we slowly got settled in a small and beautiful mediterranean beach in the evening. Even before India was attacked by tsunami, I never dared to put above my knee inside the sea, but today Sui and Anton wanted to introduce me to beauty of under water that they always enjoy, they gently introduced me to the sea, sea floor and beautiful sight they enjoy under the water. Wow! I did my first Snorkeling and the first sight of the underwater was…wow! What a way to start my vacation! more photos from the little historical center of Girona and the saint pol beach!


iamyuva said...

lady your rock... keep on..l)

Anonymous said...


Your pictures are great, it is so beautiful there... I can't believe it was just two days ago. Thank you so much for this extended weekend. Now I'm back in Paris; it is raining and I have so much work to do...! Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Kisses, Sui