July 03, 2007


Almost for the past 10 years, it was never difficult to reach a friend on their birthday; they are either online, or with a fixed/mobile phone. For the past 24 hours, I am trying to reach Anton, to wish him on his birthday, and this young doctorate birthday boy is hiding in the woods of Costa Rica, very far from this ‘Information Technology ’, dreaming to live a life of a pre-historic man. I am not surprised; Vanaprastha” may be the only solution to get rid of the Phd stress. Anyways! Happy Birthday Boy!

Ps: I stole that image from his brother's blog


vidhya said...

I could tell that you never even tried to reach me or Gnana on our respective birthdays for the last two years atleast(?) so we are no longer your friends ? it must be cause otherwise the statement you have becomes false !!


Uma said...

Wow! Wow! What a surprise, I never thought that I will get a surprise gift on Anton’s Birthday. I usually talk to friends on their birthday to wish them and I don’t want to use birthdays as an excuse to break long silence. Yes, I do want the silence to be broken but as naturally as possible. My blog is getting lucky, anonymous comments started having name ;-)

Thanks vidhya for the comment!