July 18, 2007

Paella Lessons!

Now back in hot Spain,sometimes I felt like being in India after a long time, oops! The sun in the afternoon was melting me down; I thought I would get dissolved in my own sweat. I didn't want to get tanned anymore. I had to prepare myself for the weekend, “the big fat Spanish wedding”. So, I was spending most of the daytime indoors, doing my favorite task, cooking! Thanks to Anton’s mother, she taught me how to make a very delicious Spanish rice dish called Paella and I taught her to make the Indian Chai. Paella is basically like Indian Briyani but with very very less amount of spices, so you have a very nice flavor of the vegetables added to it. It was great! Evenings were mild; six to nine was a perfect time to learn more swimming and snorkeling in the great Mediterranean! It’s so nice to swim with the fishes, what a nice relaxing Spanish summer!

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