May 09, 2007

Women have 'stronger' senses!

Do you know women have stronger chemical senses (the taste and the smell) than man? We can even identify the smell of fear and joy from the body secretions it seems. May be that’s why women started taking care of children, sitting inside the caves, using smell to sense danger and the sense of taste to give the best food for her family? Even now a days we can see the pregnant women becoming hypersensitive to the smell and taste. They crave for strong taste at the same time they can’t stand the smell of cooking…hmm! Very tricky period. Tamil cuisine has a set of seven different rice dishes (coconut, tamarind, lemon, lentils, mango, sweet and yogurt rice) with sour and sweet sauces, rasam and chutney. These dishes have strong taste and less smell, so they are specially cooked for pregnant women. My friend Meena is Pregnant (wow! I will be an aunty (again) soon!) . So, we cooked this pregnancy kit for her yesterday. Hmmmm! What a feast! Thanks to this small and successful Indo-French project of Meena and Eric.
Thanks for the photo Meena...more pic..


Anonymous said...

oh ya. Women are very sensible indeed ;-)

I could see that you have decided to take revenge of me by putting fotos of tamilian food in your blog.......aargh. feeling hungry seeing that. Somehow, I always forget the main theme of watever you write and grab those matter to me!

I read somewhere women can see more colors and have a wider angle of visibility too.

Congrats to Meena ji

Anonymous said...

And what a beautiful dress too!!!

Uma said...

Who is that??.. teasing anonymously


Ed Vis said...

Do you know women have stronger chemical senses (the taste and the smell) than man?

Of course they do. May be due to women thinking with both sides of the brain.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, men think only with one side of brain and women think with both sides.

Women always notice every minute things. Men don't. That is why it is always better to have your wife or a female companion with you, when you buy a house or a car or a boat....etc