May 23, 2007

Penny Wise and Pound foolish!

Did I say “I am getting economical!” in my previous blog? I guess some sneaky Italian read that, I was cheated by an Old Italian gentle man this Sunday! Right at my door step, he told me a sad story about ATM card and jacket exhibition and almost took 6% of my salary! YES! I CANT BELIEVE IT! I cried enough and now almost out of my depression, atleast good enough to write this blog! It took three days to recover after crying over three strong shoulders! Thank you Alci, Micha and Anton! More than tears, bit of curse to him and his family and the good old Indian beliefs on Good Karma and Bad Karma, helped me to recover ! Even though my friends don’t agree with me (Specially Marc and Arjun) I should say I transferred some of my ‘bad karma’ to an Old Italian gentle man. If you want to know more details about this cheating, just Google “Italian Jacket Scam”, they are doing this all over the world! And I am just an innocent victim in Paris!


Anonymous said...

Whilst I was reading the blog, a window popped up with the picture of an fictitious character - male wearing a silk jippa with big kunguma pottu on his fore head and waiting to put 'Naamam'! lol

Somehow, I could never sympathise or empathise when an charming, beautiful, intelligent, over-acheived, bold, successful, caring, adorable woman is occasionally's ok. it happens...yet another experience that exploited you naive character ;-)
get going

Uma said...

Thanks for the kind words! Infact I should accept that out of 3 days of tears, may be just a day I cried for being cheated! And the next two days, it was out of happiness to see support and love I got from my friends. This incident made me see my new beautiful family away from home, filled with love and friends. I am very lucky!