May 16, 2007

Passing Clouds!

I was trying to overcome my recent emptiness and trying to concentrate on my writing; the clouds distracted me, through my huge window by switching off and on the sunlight and hence the shadow of my new orchid plant, which was falling on my writing desk, I realized my distraction only after I clicked few photos of the passing cloud, Thanks to this little distraction, now I know the reason of my emptiness, my life seems to be a passing cloud, so many changes in such a short time, and me trying to stop the moment in vain, by catching every frame in my camera. Finally left with images and memories of past, just like this gif image I created using the photos I took today. Well! I can’t do anything about these passing clouds, but atleast I can make the memories and the image perfect if I use a tripod. More over thanks to this diatomist’s diary I can share both the perfect and imperfect memories of my passing clouds.

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