May 25, 2007

In the laps of Nature!

End of a very stressful week, I thought its better to take a cheap flight and fly to the laps of nature than to eat the brains of the fellow lab mates. Cheap flights meaning, you can get tickets for 14 euros to go to Spain, but it will take 4 hours to reach the airport just to take one and half hour flight. But when an exciting weekend break is waiting, I really have to thank the Ryan air! Landed in Girona, directly went for fishing, I just caught a tadpole though! Had a evening nap on a floating Mediterranean rock! Sound of sea, splashing waves, all this with a lovable person, what a perfect stress therapy! more of Sa riera Beach!

1 comment:

Algae girl said...

Lovely; lucky you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

(I don't think my brain would be that tasty at the moment, bitter and acidic with stress)