May 15, 2007

14th arrondissement ,,,,

That’s the district I live…not very far from the parc (park), Last few days filled with empty feelings, Neither happiness nor sadness… far from home! Missing my parents 35th wedding anniversary….still waiting to overcome this occasional emptiness and to say Paris je t'aime!


Anonymous said...

thats from Paris Je t'aime movie right? its just released in india.i am waiting to see it, do you like it?


Uma said...

No, I have not seen it yet, but heard about it from my friends, it a collection of short film, taken in different arrondissement (districts) by different directors. This one remained me a lot about my lonely travels, I like to travel alone, and I feel it’s a great adventure, but sometimes when I see something nice I feel like sharing it with someone. I felt this clipping poetically depicts, traveling lonely ‘independent’ single women! More over its all about my arrondissement! What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

I'm also not saying "Paris je t'aime". I like Paris but I don't feel embraced by it, but maybe that's just homesickness..?