May 23, 2007

Survival of the Likeliest !

I recently read this very interesting article, linking Darwin’s theory of evolution with second law of Thermodynamics. It took long time for me to digest this article, and I am still not sure, if got the complete picture right.

When there is life in a physical system (Pond) there is use of solar energy, entry of this energy into the system increases the randomness, the entropy of the pond (struggle for existence) and then there are ‘spontaneous changes’ to get back the ‘harmony of the system’.

When living things using only solar energy can lead to such a big chaos, what type of chaos we should expect when we ‘living things’ started using the fossil fuels and the atomic energy. Bigger the Chaos! Bigger the Struggle! Scary! Only fittest of the fittest will survive! Well! I survived Indian cheats! But not the Italian!

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Anonymous said...

I dunno whether I understood it or not, but sure, my coffee and 'energy' drink were converted into 'useless', mixedup, chaotic 'entropy' in the 'quickest' possible time, as soos as I started reading it...
I want Feynmann please