May 20, 2007

Why do I blog?

Earlier it was my airtel, now it’s my blog space! I am getting economical!


Anonymous said...

Probably, you have more unattended calls, unanswered rings, call waiting, no response at the other end and 'read & deleted without replying' sms here than the 'airtel', but yet, this does convey

Uma said...

Yeah! Right!

I like to share my story with someone at the end each day! As a kid it was my mom, she was really bored of my school stories, and then as a teenager it was friend and roommate vidhya, yes! She was also extremely bored of my ‘crush’ stories. When I was working, it was my colleague and best friends George and Ahamar! Of course using ‘airtel’, some ‘bad’ months I had spent upto 30% of my salary. Now my Paris budget allows me to spend only less than 1% of my salary on it. So, I am boring my readers with my confusions and philosophies. Today, if I had vidhya, George or Ahamar with me this blog may not be existing. (Micha and Alci! I met you guys after I started my blog)

Anonymous said...

Is it something like from cradle to grave habit?
keep on boring people with
yeah....god always gives some kind of replacements and shows new doors... new and refreshing ways to dissipate worries, anxiety and multiply joys and pleasure
Maybe, god thought of relieving the mankind from someone's kiddish babbles (! don't mean it) and created 'blog'

Jokes apart, it gave me a nice place for my ramblings!

luv u & ur blog dear