May 19, 2007

Pouring Clouds...

Some wise man once said, “Only constant thing in this world is changes”! You just cross continents and you will find people’s attitude towards rain changes. Through out my childhood, we always welcomed rain. How Indian movie heroes would have survived without falling for their heroines, dancing in the rain? Now here for the Parisians, nothing can be the worst news than to see a weather forecast about a rainy weekend. Last few days, the passing clouds were also pouring once in a while. Well! Paris neither have enough of soil bacteria to have petrichor nor dancing kids on the road but a nice chat with a friend over a Italian martini and the fresh air after rain can be refreshing, it definitely helped me to get over my sulkiness about the passing cloud.

1 comment:

Algae girl said...

I love the rain, it is always so refreshing, everything sparkles and smells good!

I certainly prefer the rain to the endless grey, I find it depressing.