March 02, 2007

Paris, je t'aime..but plz.. let me go!

I started breathing the official oxygen of Paris for the third year, it makes me think that I should soon have a break from Paris…I didn’t travel after my exciting Christmas trip to Munich.

Ok..Micha is going to New York, what about a USA trip by end of this month? I love traveling with Micha, but…. no! At this point I can’t afford it…the French government just caught me for not paying taxes, yes! Even poor students should pay taxes; I am paying two year taxes with some penalty, which means I lost a decent part of my savings…!

Well! Still it’s not that bad…. I can afford a trip in Europe! I just got a mail from my friend, she is defending her thesis, in Lausanne. Even though I was bit saturated with Switzerland with my long summer stay there (It was like eating tons of chocolates in a day), I can go to meet my friend, and specially her cute little son! But No! I can’t do that…again French government is the reason. I still didn’t get my work permit renewed, which means I can’t cross the border, atleast till the middle of this month.

What about a weekend break within France? Or just wait and have an exciting bit longer break in April away from France!!! The second seems to be a better option.

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