March 25, 2007

Thank You...Paris!

Look what Paris can make out of you…. yeah! you guys know about the sad story about my broken laptop, Also I proudly wrote in my earlier blog that I may get a new one, but circumstances and life in Paris pushed me against it. I ended up dismantling my laptop and found where things went wrong, the hinges were broken . Luckily I found new hinges in eBay and I replaced it all by myself, now my old laptop is up and running just at the cost of 15 euros. For all the stress I faced because my laptop, now I am left with a feeling of great satisfaction and immense pride. Can you believe that a laptop opened into so many pieces can be brought back into one single working piece, by a biologist? I am really proud of myself; I should thank Paris and ofcourse my brother(the whole thing was his idea) for teaching me the most difficult lessons of life!


Malliga said...

dear uma,
Now only U proved that U r my daughter,by made a old thing to useful ,and didn't waste money unnecessarily .very proud of U.
Keep it up,
Best wishes,
Loving Mom.

11:38 AM

Anonymous said...

sorry about the laptop, but glad it is fixed. So what else happening. been long. What a bummer, you are not coming to states, what about in winter, can you come?


Uma said...

hey ullu, i dont know about US trip, I want to come but dont know when and how. BTW when are you flying over europe and a what about a hop in Paris?

Anonymous said...

In our college we had some group jargons

IBU is one of them. It stands for Image Build Up

We categorise this blog entry as SIBU and the comment as DIBU i.e Self Image build up and Daughter Image build up

Enna build up kodukareenga pa neenga? Kalakki poodunga

Uma said...

ada pavi!

I agree the whole blog is almost like SIBU, but you know my mom... DIBU never happens,this is an history da!


Anonymous said...

So, now you are targetting at your mom and want her to write more praisy praisy things about you, is it?

Good effort