March 24, 2007


I was just reading some random stuff to keep my brain engaged. I read a little about ‘The Amazons’ in the Greek mythology. Often, when I am just surrounded by more than two women, I fear of seeing a ‘catfight’. How on earth it’s possible to have a complete society of women? Now a days I am seeing ‘cold’ catfights very often, unfortunately the reason for these fights are men! I guess there were not enough men in the amazon’s life to have such silly catfights and Hysterical Blindness. Hmm! That’s the stressful story about ‘the east’ trying to survive in ‘the west’. Having said that, I should accept that when 'the north' meets 'the south', it can be one big stress reliever; Today I went for a concert (jugalbandi) fusion of Carnatic music(South Indian) and Hindustani classical music(North Indian) by Shashank on Flute and Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan on Sitar. Some fusions are mind blowing, while others can blow your mind!

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Yuva said...

you should search @ for 'remember shakti'... that's awesome (music)fusion.

if this interests you -- and another interesting way to keep brain engaged is to pickup on interesting documentaries (works for me).