February 24, 2007

I Hate taxis but Paris, je t'aime!

The title is quite contrary to the earlier blog, but its true, I love taxis when I am inside but I hate them when I am outside, specially when I am in my bike. In Paris, the bikes share their lane with Taxis and Bus. The buses are ok, its not so frequent, but the taxis are really annoying... Specially with my latest enlightenment " Early to bed and early to raise make a person healthy and wise" ! I started trying this short cut method to become wise and ended up getting early, and started going to lab early around 9 am, instead of my usual time , 11.30. Oops! Biking in the peak hour, and specially I have to cross two big round about (junction of 6 roads) with millions of taxis in my lane, I was almost killed by a taxis yesterday. Hey! Taxis!!, I wrote a nice blog about your bravery. please be nice to me!
Also, it was my second anniversary yesterday, I was married to Paris exactly two years ago on the very same day, inspite of small difficulties I face with Paris, I can still say Paris, je t'aime, wholeheartedly. I guess I will spend another one and half years with Paris, and lets see which country I fall in love after that.

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