March 10, 2007

Opposite reactions…

I am back! You may be wondering if my prayers are answered, especially for a person like me, who don’t want to do the daily rituals and prayers! And turn towards angels like Gaia, only when I don’t have of my ‘real’ angels, my friends in the vicinity. In my last week’s stress and pain and with my disturbed equilibrium, I forgot the understand the physics of this hypothesis. When there are too many negative things happen around us, and the universe still wants to maintain its equilibrium, there should be some positive things happen to nullify the negativity right? Yes! I poured out my pain as a prayer to the universe and it did send me some angels to get me back in equlibrium.

First my stress about this ‘not traveling phase’ – Friday, my boss came and asked me if I want to present my results in a ‘EU meeting in Germany, which means just two weeks from now, I will be having a weekend break Hamburg, after my presentation in Kiel!

Second stress – my laptop, again my boss volunteered to fix it at the lab’s cost, and also my family is ready to gift me a new one. so right now, with an external hard disk and a book stand to support my ‘old’ laptop, I am think about which option, I should go for.

Third stress – My bike, seeing a chatter box so silent in the lab, my friend in lab, Marc came and asked me the reason. Well! I didn’t know where to start, as there was solution for the other problems in the vicinity, I started with the bike and he started laughing, No! He is not a person who laughs at others problems, for him handling bike and fixing its problems is a childhood hobby it seems, so he was just excited to solve this new challenge, with his magic hands took out the broken part from lock and opened the bike for me!

Fourth stress – my tea cup, with a sign of relief from the above stresses I was in a better sprit to go buy a new tea cup, in my favorite Le Palais des Thés , tea shop. Even though its bit far from my house, I like to go there, just for very friendly and warm Indo-British shop assistant, and for the first time, we started talking about things other than tea and I was very happy to know that even she felt the same warmth between us and she came up with a reason that the yoga and meditation which we both do made our ‘aura’ to communicate deeper, even though we were just talking about tea verbally. Now at the very small cost of my tea cup I got a spritual friend and company to do yoga during the weekend.

And today morning as I woke up with the lighter mind, which was cheered up by the comment from my writer friend Lili, and her lovely words and the fact that its her first comment in my blog cheering up my day! lucky are the people, who have shoulders to cry as they wait for the universe to get back to equilibrium, every tears I shed makes me feel how lucky I am! Gaia Hypothesis works!

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nice wood sculpture next to PC