March 12, 2007

Laughter therapy!

By the time, I left India “Laughter therapy” was getting quite famous in Bangalore. There was a group of people, the Laughter club members who get together everyday in the park, where I use to run and they just laugh for 30 min. It’s quite funny to watch, people standing in circle and laughing loud like crazy. Its a good way to handle stress it seems. I was very curious to know, if it actually works, I met an old man in the group and asked him about it, he was very excited with this method and started giving examples from his real life, but I was not quite convinced about it. But today I can say it does work. Yesterday was Poonams birthday, I should say that she is my first friend in Paris (outside the lab) I met her just on my second day in Paris.I got together at her place yesterday with some very light hearted people and had so much of fun, I got rid of my heavy feels from last week, I feel as light as a feather and now I am all set to start the new week, without Monday Blues!

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Anonymous said...

have fun, more n more