March 08, 2007

My Little Prayer!

Last week my boss came to me and asked if I knew James Lovelock? Vaguely trying to recall the names of Oscar nominees, I said "no"! With a big surprise he said, "you should be knowing him, I am sure you will like his hypothesis" ! And he was right, for past few days I was reading articles by and about him. Dr. James Lovelock came up with Gaia hypothesis , which was used by NASA to check if life exit in other planets. The summary of this hypothesis, in my spiritual perspective is , In earth the living and non-living thing are constantly influencing each other and still maintaining a sort of equilibrium. (well it sounds bit like the Japanese spiritual practise Riki) Also, when the equilibrium is disturbed, incidents of similar nature are repeated, to get back to the equilibrium.

We might have noticed in our daily life, sometimes we keep spilling water again and again the whole day, or we may be annoyed by all the know and unknown people we meet on a 'bad' day! With my naive knowledge on Gaia hypothesis, I guess we can take such incidents as a proof of this hypothesis. Well! if I apply Gaia hypothesis in my life, I am sure,right now I am not in equilibrium. I broke two of my favourite things in the last two days! my Laptop and my Tea cup! Wishing that I soon reach the equilibrium of 'constructive phase'!This hypothesis was named after the Greek goddess Gaia, let me wait and see how long it takes for Gaia to get me back to my constructive phase! yes! you are right! that's the picture of Gaia to whom I dedicate this little prayer!
PS: Just after updating this blog, I was trying to open my bicycle and I found a half of the key in my hands and other inside the lock! Now I need to take some expert to open my bicycle! Oh! God!

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Lili said...

During the past week I've found myself entering all the "brocantes" I passed by. I had nothing precise in mind but somehow I knew I was'nt there just to torture myself with the sight of all the old lovely stuff I can't afford to buy. Two days ago I found an old pharmacist shelf that I absolutely fell in love with and I bought it. As my "salle the bain" is particularly well fournished with drawers a nd shelves, it was clear that the fate of my new old thing was not to contain shampoo, antimycose ointment and band-aids. Back into my room it found its place -on its own, I can swear- and then I knew it was an altar (I kept on repeting to myself the spanish word for altar which is also altar). Let no religious susceptibilities be hurt by my paganism, but my new old thing is meant to be an altar of and for things. Of and for objects. Things and objects I like to be surrounded by. I've moved my most comfortable chair close by and I realised that just there it becomes more comfortable. So, sweet Uma, know that I strongly symphatize with the family of ideas you've been thinking about. And that, after reading your blog, I can only symphatize with you more and more. So sorry about your tea cup, your laptop and your bike lock!!! (did you call your insurance company? ... at least for the computer... but -who knows?- may be they'll consider paying for your lock aswell if you ge t to show them the conection of this event with Dear Doctor Lovelock's hypothesis).