August 17, 2007

Wonders of Catalonia - Montserrat

Discovering the wonders of Catalonia, yesterday we went up to Montserrat. Thanks to Anton’s parents who took us there. It was breath taking experience of spiritual and geographical wonder of Catalonia. This whole mountain range with very unique structures was formed of sedimentation of pebbles, with many evidences that this region was under the ocean, millions of years ago. When you have a closer look at the rocks, it seems to be just a pile of pebbles.
Adding beauty to the range is the few centuries old monastery and the temple of black virgin, which beautifully survived the civil wars, worst forest fires, land slides and floods. The black virgin of Montserrat is believed to be doing miracles in peoples life , even when your rational mind refuse to believe this, the calm and a very unique spiritual experience I had in this place, made me take a candle and pray for the good and naïve hearts who worry about me. Let the black virgin take them out of their ignorance and show them the path of bliss. More photos of Montserrat!

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Rifat said...

black virgin on tiles...interesting