August 20, 2007

In a little sail boat...

As a kid, I saw the movie Jaws by Steven Spielberg, since then I have a terrible ‘sea’ phobia, I feel that sharks are just waiting in shore for me, never had courage to enter the sea beyond my knee depth water. Now that I am spending my vacation, in the Mediterranean coast, that too with the marine biologist, who does sea diving as a hobby, I got little courage to snorkel up to two feet depth. This weekend, we went in Anton friend’s sail boat to go into the sea beyond my usual 2 feet. The sea was rough and I was completely ignorant of the risks we had while unfolding and folding the sail on a windy day. It was more fun and exciting like my roller coaster experience, specially since the men on wheel and sail kept me ignorant about the tough time they had controlling the sail, till we reached the shore.

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