August 28, 2007

what makes us happy at work?

I was comparing my feelings about coming back to Paris after a month long vacation. First year, back from Canada - very new to work, started having some friends , i was more than excited.I almost had a similar feeling last also at the end of my vacation in Switzerland. This year only my friends in Paris were greatly motivating my return. I was reading a related article in BBC today.
They say that the following factors can make us happy at work. Top 10, in rank order
  1. Friendly supportive colleagues - all my colleagues are friendly (except one sneaky rat), but moving from the junior most of the lab to one of the senior member can make a big difference.
  2. Enjoyable work - I enjoy my work (except writing my manuscript)
  3. Good boss or manager - after working in a very strict environment, i enjoy working with a boss like Chris who gives lots of space and independence at work. well! i guess he strongly believes in the "survival of the fittest" theory!
  4. Good work/life balance - I hang out with friends and take vacations more than any normal researcher does. (Well! I took Praveen to Eiffel tower yesterday, more than the tower, I like the very colourful backgrounds it have every time, this is how it looked yesterday)
  5. Varied work - definitely, I am more than sure that I have varied work! Hmmm! sometimes tooo varied too.
  6. Doing something worthwhile - my thesis committee have to decide that!
  7. Making a difference - I think, I do! even if I am a day late from vacation or when I oversleep in some mornings, i do get an SMS from colleagues or boss to make sure I am alive. so I guess my presence at work do make some difference.
  8. Part of a successful team - Not sure, my team is just me and my boss...its difficult to define the success, may be my thesis committee will decide that in an year.
  9. Achievements recognized - In an small scale yes! I was selected for various conferences to present my work. In bigger scale, need to wait and see.
  10. Competitive salary - As a PhD student, I can't complain about the salary I am getting(in spite of it being too tight!)
Well!according to BBC with all these criteria, I am suppose to be happy, atleast have enough motivation to work and not writing my blog like this. let me get back to my work, anyways secret of happiness is to count our blessings I suppose!


iamyuva said...

other study found- working in general makes us happy when compare to unemployed.

interesting quote from study that limiting our happiness could be evolution's way of protecting us from danger. "If you look at stone age man, it pays to be less happy and more cautious, to not impulsively eat fruit from trees that could be poisonous or just head into caves that could be dangerous."

psychologist Abraham Maslow said that self-actualization -- the instinctive drive to make the most of one's unique abilities and to be the best that you can be -- is one of the highest needs of human beings.

Uma said...

Wow! thats a nice thought, link of happiness and danger!