August 23, 2007

chinna chinna asai (little wishes!)

Today I had two hours of discussion about who is happier in life, a married lady (her) whose children are not obeying her or a single girl (me).I was telling her about my vacation and I realized that in the last 7 years, this last one month was an unique uninterrupted happy days. I did many things which I dreamt about and many which I didn’t dare to dream of too. There were many things which I did for the first time in life.

  • Snorkeling and swimming in the sea, seeing the underwater fish.
  • Attended a calm and quite ‘French’ wedding, and a crazy, fun-filled Spanish wedding
  • Spent nights sleeping in tents and in open pasture counting starts.
  • Crossed three countries in three hours (France, Spain and Andorra)
  • Went in a motor bike for almost 200 kms at 120 km/hr speed
  • Went into the sea in a sail boat.
  • Did archery(I showed a better performance against my close rival Anton)
  • Experienced near death experience, experienced free fall from 180 mts height, in standing position. (In port aventura theme park)
  • went upside down eight times in a rollercoaster
  • Tried fishing.(saw fish happily eating from my fishing rod, may be they knew that I am allergic to them)
  • Met many new people across 11 different countries (Spanish, French, British, Australian, Italian, Argentinean, Brazilian, German, Israeli, Dutch, Danish) That too this 12 different nationalities (including me) got together to cook for 70 mediators.
  • Cooked for 70 mediators for 7 days.
  • Went to a holy place, and offered prayers (may be after 2 years)
  • I ate a special type of Spanish cured (Iberian ham) Well, it’s a cultural thing of Spain to offer it to their guests it seems. They convinced me saying that the pig is vegetarian (special type made from pigs which are grown up on a vegetarian diet)
  • Made some extra piercing in my ears (believe me it was my long term dream)
  • Got some hands on experience in Spanish kitchen (thanks to Anton’s Mom)

Well! My mom believes that Saturn moved away from my moon sign, so right now Saturn will do all good in my life it seems, so she thanked Saturn for my exciting vacation But I believe that I am lucky to have wonderful friends around me, I thank Anton, his family and friends, who made this vacation very memorable.

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iamyuva said...

i don't know you noticed this from your past, the interesting & crazy part is that-- same things you considered happiness at the time, you might feel time wasted some years from now.. that's what changing timez does..

while busy exploring life don't loss sight of long-term parameter/change time will bring...