August 20, 2007

In a tiny country called…

Just three years back, I didn’t even dare to day dream about traveling in different countries even though I had the strong quest inside me. During my vacation, on our way to the camping site in the Pyrenees, we had a lunch break in a tiny country called Andorra. Just few months back I got to know about the existence of a country between Spain and France. It’s a country with low tax (a pack of cigarettes which costs 45 euros in Paris, costs 17 euros here). So the whole country is like a big shopping mall and ski resort embedded in a beautiful mountain range, No wonder people here have the highest human life expectancies on earth. There was a long queue of people driving in and out of this country from Spain and France, just to do their weekend shopping. For me, apart from offering a very nice lunch, this country also increased the count of countries visited in last two years to 10.

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iamyuva said...

been there.. hope you had change to see andorra's village festival..

small correction-- andorra's "low tax"..!! infact it has no personal income tax. and most crazy part is- andorra doesn't have its own airport even thought tourism big.