July 02, 2006

Musee d'Orsay

Have you ever had a day, started in cloud nine(may be not exactly at 9.... at 7 or 6) and ended in deep shit! I had one such day today, after a week of tough days,with deadline for a pre-submission of a research article. I was working to catch all the bugs in the database, which I finally submitted, yesterday with Chris watching England vs Portugal match and correcting the abstract on the other had, some how we manged to submit it. I went home and had a good rest in spite of the french scramming in the road the whole night to celebrate their entry into semifinals. Today since its a first Sunday most of the museums in Paris have free entry. so decided to go to museum d'orsay. It just wonderful, I never had such an overwhelming experience in other museum I have seen so far, I also bought some work of Redon to add some colour to my dull apartment. After seeing the museum and some nice arts, I got some energy to go back to lab and fix some final tiny bugs in the database which we submitted yesterday, and guess what???...it was down!!!. reviewers will login on Monday I need to do something before that. I did sent an SOS message to the system administrators (hope they are not in vacation) just keeping my fingers cross, and hoping it to be up by Monday. Until then wish me good luck and see these pictures which I clicked today!


Anonymous said...


Great Pics and I knew you will enjoy d'Orsay! I had fun there. Hope the server is back and good luck. I have been busy too..

Anonymous said...

good luck for submission, hope the server is up now.


Uma said...

Thank you guys! my database is fine now. It was becose of some power fluctuation it seems! Its all fine now.