July 09, 2006

Puri Jaganath Ratha Yatra in Paris

Today there was a Puri Jaganath Ratha Yatra in Paris, It was organized by the ISKCON ‘Hare Rama! Hare Krishna! group. It was not as crowded as for the Ganesh festival, infact comparatively very less of Indian crowd, but it was nice, the weather was great, me, Meena and Poonam walked alone the yatra for sometime. They served nice laddoos and milk shakes, very typical of ISKCON, always with some good food, I like Bangalore ISKCON temple for the same reason, they always serve delicious prasatham and of course also it also was nice calm place . My friends say that it’s more of a theme park and less of a temple. I just landed back at home after almost four hours of walk, I don’t have enough courage to go out and celebrate the football match, just following from home! Ok...let me go back to the match! Check out these pictures from the Yatra!


meeta said...

ISKCON is my favourite temple.I used to wonder why should a temple be built to cater to foreigners...but i realise..it takes all kinds. i love the cleanliness,food,chanting..evrything there.

Anonymous said...

What magnificent words

Anonymous said...


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