July 26, 2006

I Love Bees!

I am making arrangements and plans for summer trip, one major difference between travelling in India and Europe is the use of maps. In India you have a "Bhaya" (Brother) in every street corner, you can directly walk to them and ask for directions. Unfortunately that's not possible in Europe. so, now a days maps are my bible when I am travelling, even with good road signs and maps I still get lost in Paris, we humans are so dumb, specially more dumb comparing to these cute little Bees! Today, scientists working on bees discussed their work on bees in BBC..they are just amazing, they were able to find their way back home, even if they are left 13kms away from home, no maps ...no road signs..no Bhaya...! Also when they finish nectar in a flower, they leave some sort of chemical signal in the flower ( some thing like a post-it note ;-) to tell other bees that the flower is empty...How amazing they are..We human having sixth sense??? but not worried about losing the sensitivity of other 5 senses. More over they produce this miraculous honey, rich in nutrition but cannot be spoiled by Bactria or fungi..with some sort of natural preservative...! sorry but we have to steal it from my cute little honey! Thats the picture of cute queen bee in a famous french comic on bees called Mireille l'abeille.

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