July 27, 2006

I am WOW...!

I guess I am transforming to..WOW!! I was reading the NDTV travel yesterday and got to know about Sumitra, who have a club called WOW! Women on Wanderlust! Anyways I guess I can never be a part of WOW club, as I enjoy traveling alone. I am becoming a fan of NDTV, specially the way the expose the corruption and in their fight for justice..OK..Now back to my travel, my one month trip almost got a shape, the major ticket bookings and accommodation bookings are done. Thanks to Arjun, he introduced me this very nice site for backpackers. Its very nice, I booked hostels for my previous trips in Italy and Belgium through this site and the hostels were pretty impressive. The best part of this web site is that you can compare the locations and also read the review of the people who stayed earlier and choose the one which we prefer, I prefer to go for the hostel, which is more calm..more like bed and breakfast type.. then with bar and party type one. I got some pretty good ones for this trip too... I still didnt tell you guys about the country where I am going to travel...sorry you need to wait for a week to know that...Its very difficult for Uma to keep a secrets..but till now..only two of my friends know about it..of course my family and my lab..and may be the people who read my friends blog..well that's a pretty long list..anyways...


Anonymous said...

Backpackers! is its safe?
Bon Voyage
- ash#

Uma said...

thanks Ahamar,

Yeah! I was bit worried before going, but its very nice! the one I stayed in Florence was run by a prof. It was too good. It was nice in Bruge too. I read the review and the ranking before booking...so no prob. I guess!