July 07, 2006

France Vs. Italy

In spite me being from a football player and fans family, I am not personally a big fan of football. My brother was in the school team and played many inter school football matches and my dad, follows football matches, and only during the world cup match days we had permission to watch the TV after 10.00 in the night.Now living in the country which is going to play the football finals, I was influenced by this fever for past few weeks, even though I am bit familiar with the rules, I am not good enough to judge the strengths and weakness of a team, so my support was and will be more on emotional basis, till the semi-finals I was supporting Portugal and Germany, of course for my good friends Alcidio,Micha and for the many nice Germans I have met so far. And I watched the second half of the Portugal Vs. England match with my boss Chris (British) and Andy in a bar, they were convincing me that I should support the England at least for sake of English and cricket they gave to India. Now since I don't have a 'real'(100%) french or Italian friend, Its difficult to decide. Among the countries I visited so far USA,Canada,Belgium, Italy and France, Italy is very close to my heart. The people there are very very friendly, In spite of having the same language problem as in France, I was deeply touched by the friendly gestures of the Italians, I feel Italy as my second home. But now that I am living in France, which is less emotional but more formal and gentle and feeds me with good french bread and wine...Hmmm! very difficult to decide. Anyways..If France wins, it will Gentle 'professional' colleague's victory and if Italy wins..that will be a victory of my 'second home'....Anyways..I guess I will be celebrating this weekend. Check out these pictures of celebration in Paris, when they entered the semi-finals, taken by Umesh when the Indian group went to watch the match in the huge screen in a stadium in France. Its difficult for me to handle such a big crowd..lets see how it goes this weekend!


ashgene said...

You may have more celebrations. looks like France may win what do u think?

Uma said...

yeah! thats what people say..france is in a strong position it seems, but also they have a reputation like our Indian cricket team it seems, they lose when u expect them to win..they win when you expect them to lose..it seems! The condition here in Paris is almost like the day of India Pakistan cricket match in India..the heat is on!