May 03, 2006

Under the Tuscan Sun!

I was in Italy - Pisa, Florence and Milan last weekend. Ullas and Priya joined me in Florence, and I was roaming around in Pisa and Milan with my camera catching the beautiful Tuscany and the Fashion capital Milan. It was wonderful. It’s not so difficult to fall in love with the Italian flood, people, art, culture and the nature. Centuries old Museums, Cathedrals, Monuments and masterpieces of Michelangelo, Leonardo proudly stand hand in hand under the Tuscan Sun! Slide Show of more photos!


ashgene said...

Why you did not take me with you?

ashgene said...

You did not take me with you!

Uma said...

you know how good I am in planning things...I was planning to go to Rome during Ester and to Swiss this weekend..but I messed up both for a high cost and ended up in Tuscany..I just knew 3 days before the trip! Now I learned my lessons, never plan for a trip just be spontanous! Will let you know about my next trip, mostly to Belgium, next month.

ashgene said...

Belgium ??? hehehe u know me. for what reason!

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