May 05, 2006


When I started learning computers, the first course I joined was for e-business, a fancy title but they just teach a RDBMS and a scripting language for webpage development. Even though I never applied that in doing e-business, I have developed some biological databases using that. But in day to day life we do lot of e-business, specially buying things online. I do a lot, sending gifts, buying tickets etc. but for the first time I sold something online, my tickets to Switzerland(since it was a non-refundable ticket). I put an advertisement in craigslist without much hope, but finally it worked. Thanks e-business!

Even though I mess up a lot with these non-refundable tickets, SNCF the train system in France is pretty good. On my way back from Milan this Monday, I took a evening fast train (TGV) It was almost 6 hours direct train, but it broke down just after an hour of departure and I have to make 4 changes in two small towns in Italy and France to finally reach Paris just by 3+ hours delay, even though it was bit tiring end of a long trip, I am getting my ticket money back. They have a different percentage of refunding based on the hours of delay, if its 3+ hours delay its 100% refunding + taxi charges to reach back home from the station. Isn’t it cool!


ashgene said...

your blog is now an e-comm page!

Uma said...

thanks, thats the word i was looking for e-commerce, in NIIT it was called as e-commerce.