May 19, 2006

New Passion!

New passion which I picked up in Paris is photography. I guess Paris is a wonderful place for Photographers, both for clicking and exhibiting. My first inspiration is Arjun, who does photography as hobby, but nothing less than a professional, Next is Mahesh, a photography student, who took my portraits for his project.(yeah! that’s the portraits of me, taken by him. Yesterday he invited me for the photo exhibition in his school, 50 budding? photographers displayed their work, under different topics like photojournalism, fashion, portraits etc. it was just breath taking. Unfortunately I can’t share that complete experience with you, but you can have the taste of it, from the artist’s web site.
The Student's collection from yesterday's exhibition
Have a look at the my friends collections, the inspiration for my new passion. Arjun's - and Mahesh's - Ok..Finally my collection!


ashgene said...

Ithellam konjam overra theriyalaa!!
( sorry for full tamil)

Uma said...

yedu? nan yeduthatha? yenaiya yeduthatha?