May 04, 2006

Freeing Intelligence!

I was going through some of JK’s thoughts today; I found this very impressive quote.

“The very first thing to do, if I may suggest it, is to find out why you are thinking in a certain way, and why you are feeling in a certain manner. Don't try to alter it, don't try to analyze your thoughts and your emotions; but become conscious of why you are thinking in a particular groove and from what motive you act. Although you can discover the motive through analysis, although you may find out something through analysis, it will not be real; it will be real only when you are intensely aware at the moment of the functioning of your thought and emotion; then you will see their extraordinary subtlety, their fine delicacy. So long as you have a "must" and a "must not," in this compulsion you will never discover that swift wandering of thought and emotion. And I am sure you have been brought up in the school of "must" and "must not" and hence you have destroyed thought and feeling. You have been bound and crippled by systems, methods, by your teachers. So leave all those "must" and "must nots." This does not mean that there shall be licentiousness, but become aware of a mind that is ever saying, "I must," and "I must not." Then as a flower blossoms forth of a morning, so intelligence happens, is there, functioning, creating comprehension.”


Most of the time, with our limited knowledge define “must” and “must not” and the worst thing is when we try to impose it on other, thinking that its compassion, love or helping someone. We might have learnt from our elders that we “must not” play in the mud. now can we try to apply to a frog, which is happily playing around in the mud? Is it worth worrying about the frog?If we react for the frog, its just because we are in love with compassion than having compassion for the frog? Is that a compassion or arrogance and egoistic belief in our Intelligence? Can this “must” and must nots” stand steadily in the tough hands of “Time and Space”?Lets, Free our intelligence from “must and must nots”.


ashgene said...

seems too much to my brain. But to provoke some thought.
Is it possible to completely get away from such 'social sculpturing'. It is said that just like as Genes are shaping our body and functions, 'Memes' govern our living. Without these Memes we might not be able to fix ourselves into the social net. Its a good concept to shed off perceptions and preprograms but isn't that one has to at the same time get compromised on being accepted in the society and get living with it. May be i have not properly understood JK but i feel considering his life and how it was shaped he could afford to live like that but not all of us.

Uma said...

Right! Good comparison with the genes. It’s just that neighbors ‘cells’ should not define which genes ‘should be’ on and off! And just leave it to the other environmental factors governed by time and space. The stress which once cell experiences can never be comprehended by the neighbor.

Anonymous said...

more food for thought..

One can see that neither emotion nor sentiment has any place at all where love is concerned. Sentimentality and emotion are merely reactions of like or dislike. I like you and I get terribly enthusiastic about you—I like this place, oh, it is lovely and all the rest, which implies that I don't like the other and so on. Thus sentiment and emotion breed cruelty. Have you ever looked at it? Identification with the rag called the national flag is an emotional and sentimental factor and for that factor you are willing to kill another—and that is called the love of your country, love of the neighbor. . .. One can see that where sentiment and emotion come in, love is not. It is emotion and sentiment that breed the cruelty of like and dislike. And one can see also that where there is jealousy, there is no love, obviously. I am envious of you because you have a better position, better job, better house, you look nicer, more intelligent, more awake and I am jealous of you. I don't in fact say I am jealous of you, but I compete with you, which is a form of jealousy, envy. So envy and jealousy are not love and I wipe them out; I don't go on talking about how to wipe them out and in the meantime continue to be envious—I actually wipe them out as the rain washes the dust of many days off a leaf, I just wash them away.


ashgene said...

For love and for hate
I swat a fly and offer it
to an ant.

Uma said...

nice haiku! i guess its from. Shiki Masaoka (1867-1902)... I like this one too..from the same person

"After killing
a spider, how lonely I feel
in the cold of night!"

ashgene said...

Yes Haiku's are great right,
'sweet nectars in the flowers of poetry'