April 26, 2006

Ullas and Priya!

They were working with me, in Bangalore. They are together since college, after college they got job in the same company, not got PhD in the same university in USA. I am meeting them after a pretty long time. Ullas was a big support for me, when I was preparing to move to Paris, he helped me in buying bags etc, and gave very useful tips about moving to a new place. Now for last 4 days they are with me, its so nice, I am enjoying a lot with them, specially I am happy to see Priya being so independent and courageously exploring Paris, when me and Ullas are in the conference. She comes with very exciting collection of Photos everyday, (Shame on me! I have still not seen most of the places) Most of the girls, after having a companion for a long time, usually start to be more dependent and start thinking in a very narrow angle, Happy to see daring, courageous, independent Priya. Ok..see you all next week..from the ‘Romantic City’ under the Tuscan Sun!


Anonymous said...

Hey..are you going to Florence?


Uma said...

You will know that in few days ;-)