May 28, 2006

Château de Versailles

Before the weekend story! I am sorry; I am not able to be in touch with friends and my blog friends, since I am not able to spend much time with my computer and internet! Reason… deadlines, August is summer holiday here, so, I need to finish writing a research article for publication, and also some more work for another two publications in which I am a co-author, I need to finish this before, everything comes to a stand still in August, but not to worry, I am relaxing in the weekends, with my friends and camera. This weekend me and Micha went to Versailles, which was the capital of France during Louis XIV - until the French revolution. Now it’s a beautiful suburbs of Paris and very touristy, you can see the long queue of people to visit the Château de Versailles (in the photo) the most wonderful feature of the French Château (Palaces) have huge gardens around the Château. Château de Versailles, the king of all Château also has a wonderful garden. Check out few pictures!


ashgene said...

Is this the same place where you get high grade grapes for good wine?
Good luck with ur publications

Uma said...

I dont think so..One of the main thing which we need to notice while buying a wine in that it should have "Château" in that, which means its bottled in the same place as where its produced, not made in other place and transpoted in barrels..something like this...but some french will give a better explanation for this, But I dont think..Château de Versailles" has something to do with good wines!