May 08, 2006

Light at the end of the Tunnel!

Yesterday was the very ‘successful’ day of flopped plans! First of all I was suppose to be in Swiss…..thats flop1. I thought I didn’t see an animation movie for a long time, so wanted to go for a French animation movie Kirikou, in a small little animation studio near my lab, where they screen animation movie for the kids on the weekends. I woke up early and was the first one in the studio at 10 am (too early for a Sunday right? ) till 10:30 they didn’t open the studio at all, no show yesterday it seems! ok..thats flop2... went to the lab and started writing a report.Its was first Sunday and all the musems in Paris are free. so, decided to go to Musée de l'Orangerie, read and saw some pictures in BBC news but forgot to notice that its scheduled to open only on may 17th after 8 years of renovation. Ok with that 3 flops in hand and the saying “ Gods delay is not God’s denial” in mind(just like in this photo, which I took when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel), I meet Poonam for lunch, she was on wheels next to the seine, the road next to the river is closed for roller and bike on Sundays, as I was searching for her got some nice pictures of Paris bridges and in my evening walk in the Parc montsouris, I caught the picture of the platform, the place where I put my first step in Paris. Some more photos from the weekend.

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