March 23, 2006

Went Well!

Finished my talk successfully yesterday! I used to be very nervous before the presentation, but this time for a change I was not, felt extremely confident, may be because I am repeating the same talk for third time this month, I was already screwed up enough earlier. After the talk some people came to me and appreciated my work. Also I was so excited to hear big scientists quoting my work and the terminology I used in my work. Above all, I got a great chance to interact with scientist, whom I know only through research articles, For instance I met Dr.Armbrust, whom I am quoting in my previous blog "Chimera"! having coffee and lunch with these people, seeing the lighter side of them, is really really exciting. For my work, I was collaborating with few people from JGI, (who is hosting the meeting now ) I met people with whom I was interacting through mail, for almost an year, Its funny to see that these people being so different from the image I had of them,It was all science yesterday. Today will go out, planing to go for a walk before the conference, will try to catch some of walnut creek in my camera.

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