March 30, 2006

Weekend in SFO!

End of the long conference,this weekend, I met my brother's friend Nattudurai (fondly called as Natts by his friends) on Saturday morning, we went around in SFO with his parents, it was a long 8 hours drive around the city. I was so amazed by his patience. In the evening there was big surprise waiting for me, I met around 20 of my brother’s friends. It was great; I was able to see a very lively and light social side of my 'strict' brother, for the very first time. The biggest surprise was, one of my brother's friend's mother was there, and she was my teacher in my college, a very nice teacher, who taught me genetics. Those were the days, when I first fell in love with Biology because of their very impressive lectures, we were recalling those sweet days when she told us the story about the first clone 'Dolly' and I shared with her, our present success stories in cloning the Diatoms, my trip was a big reward, both personally and professionally!!!


ashgene said...

Oh uma so many blogs in the last two weeks. !!. and loads of pictures, do u have more picts of SF and the conference in any album?, would love to see them. Umm iPOD in vending mahines?.. Guess therz something to say 'Not to be eaten', atleast for those of us who become crazy with hunger and desperate to pigout. - One funky concern i know.
- ash#

Uma said...

Yeah! that was most happening week / weekend. I got a new Camera, but didnt have enough time to play around with it. There are some more pictures in flickr. I guess I can get some more from Chris too.