March 22, 2006

First Impression…

Yes! Yesterday I did this big jump across the Atlantic Ocean. Landed in SF and took BART to reach Walnut Creek, a little town, bit hilly too, you will see some pictures in this week. My first impression of Bay area, every thing is sooo BIG, the cars, (of course the people too) the embassy suite where I am staying is atleast three times bigger than my Paris apartment. Yesterday we had the welcome drink; I was tired and so wanted to choose my drink very carefully, asked for white wine, having a tiny wine glass in mind, but they severed it in a MUG, if it was not white, I might have screamed “I don’t want beer!” So, ‘Big’ is normal here. But the first small thing I saw here drove me crazy.. The plug points to plug-in my laptop is much smaller than in Europe, the travel adaptor which I always carry with me was no good. So, took a free raid and had a mini town seeing, going around in many electrical stores hunting for the right adaptor. The Walnut Creek down town reminded me more of my brother’s town Merritt in Canada; after all I saw the same chain shops here too. Best buy, radio shack, of course McDonalds and Starbucks too.I Guess, because of jet lag, I am now awake at 4, don’t know what to do, so writing this blog and just wanted to relax, before my talk.

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