March 14, 2006

Lucky Days! Touch Wood!

In spite of me going crazy with my presentations preparation, I am feeling extremely blessed and lucky for the past few days with wonderful people around. In between the crazy work schedules, having nice, refreshing tea breaks with Micha, discussing silly to very serious issues, with nice home made cheese cakes and two birthday parties with lots of chocolate cakes, weekend parties/get together in the bars... Humm! Too many things in the very short time, you guys may be wondering why there is no photos of the big events happened during the last week, that’s because my old camera refused to work anymore. And just today I got a new camera, gifted by dear brother, a nice gift for a nice sister! Got my visa to USA too, Next week this time, will meet you guys from San Francisco.

Today I got stuck with one very important analysis to finish for my presentations, I was just estimating that the program will take more than a week to run in my small computer, which means, I will not be able to present that result in my thesis committee and in the conference…. just then an Angel popped out of my Google talk…out of the blue.. and asked if she can help me, well! Now that angel is running this program for me in her Hi-Fi server in her lab, in Swiss. The angel is my good friend from my university, Vidhya. Now! I will have the results by tomorrow morning. Lucky me! Still lot more things to do, before I can sit back and relax.

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