March 10, 2006

Childhood Revisited!

It was bit hectic week, actually it was just a preparation for big events coming up in the next couple of weeks, Making three presentations, my annual work presentation in the lab, my first thesis committee presentation, to review my first year PhD work and the 'BIG' presentation in JGI, genome sequencing center, a little 'Diatomist' fella will be giving a speech before the 'BIG' Diatomist Sharks in the Bay Area!Hmm! Bit Scary!
Today Alcidio left for his trip in South India. He will go to Madurai and stay with my cousin's family, can't wait to hear about his experience in Madurai.Yesterday did some shopping with Micha for my little nieces in Madurai. We went to some very cute kids shops, I was introduced to many European comic characters, the very impressive one was Micha's favorite Elmer, the patchwork ,a very colorful elephant. One among few things come up to the westerners mind, when they talk about India is the usage of very bright colours in India, but first time for a change,we have the plain black elephant, unlike this colourful 'European' elephant. This Elmer is a very cheerful and optimistic personality it seems.yeah! it needs lots of courage and optimism to be out of the crowd! Will try to get hold of some books of Elmer and will write more about this 'optimist'.

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