November 12, 2009

Long drive in the night!

Yesterday went on a long drive in the beautiful English countryside , crossing the prime meridian to meet friends in their new house. My friends who hosted me from the very first day in Cambridge and healed my post-phd depression in their woodend clinic with their lovely pets, cider and their love. They now moved to a beautiful village in the countryside ,Yesterday as I was driving through the fields, i came across fox (unfortunately without George Clooney's voice) . But the return journey almost close to midnight was bit scary,Without a single car on the dark and rainy road, trying to avoid the wild animals on the way, twice got scared by seeing my own car seats in the rear mirror :-( felt like I was playing a part in a scary movie! With that fresh adrenalin on the road to the new woodend clinic, now charged to face the whole new adventure at my work!

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