November 15, 2009

The Girl with a red bag.

Today I spent my day in a(living a) very cheesy movie...Bollywood???.No may be.. more like a cheesy Hollywood movie, as it involves Christmas etc. Cambridge has this beautiful city centre, with a pedestrian cars...old buildings and churches, gives the feel of a romantic era... Today was Cambridge Christmas light switch on ceremony. Cambridge was in a festive mood with lots of people, music, colours and lights. I was walking around this beautiful place with very pleasant friends, had good food served by a very cheerful Italian lady. I would have been in very high-spirits in such a festive season with nice people around but I think it was the memories from yesterday’s sad movie about Keats love story kept me in a low tone. It is a very strange to be very calm even when you are surrounded by stimulants for all the five senses. Just the minutes before the lights were about to go on, the man in a brown coat walks by. How on earth I was able to spot him in that Christmas crowd..That man in the brown coat..holding hands of a girl with a bling bling red bag! But I don’t want to finish this blog with “The End” as in movies....I like to finish it in a real cheesy way...Thus with the Christmas new hopes for a new beginning!

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