November 29, 2009

living in 5th dimension

Ok! I was born in the country were bollywood movies are made. Sometimes I feel my life is as cheesy as a bollywood movie, a big melodrama . So last few days I tried to put this cheesy side away from me, watching my emotions in silence. This silence can be awkward sometimes, specially for my bollywood genes. Sometimes when two people meet and they exactly know what each other is thinking about, still spend that few minutes in awkward silence or have some random talk about how slow a slow ATM machine is or just keep searching for words between badmintion matches. So finally I invented this new game of imagining the 5th dimension to escape such awkward conditions. The game is just in a blink your eyes, imagine yourself having a deep breath and blow that out in your palm towards the awkward condition (same as a virtual flying kiss), you will see the awkward condition and your breath disappearing into ether in seconds. It is so much of fun. You feel like a magician disappearing the things, experiencing impermanence nature of the world in a flying kiss within few seconds, collasping the reality just by observing! Anyways! I am lucky to have friends who listen and appreciate the bollywood in me but for the rest..I have my magic virtual flying kisses.


andkaha said...

You mentioned this some time ago. Thanks for posting the movie, it was educational.

Although it is interesting to see how lower and higher dimensions might be imagined, we can not do more than engage creatively with the people that are here together with us in this moment. The rest is phantasy.

sunitha said...

visited your blog after a looooooooooooooooooooooong time and i do, as always, interesting!!!! i need time to read thru all these!! thanks for maintaining this blog, uma! i am bit down, pulled down at work and home...wish u were here!!!

iamyuva said...

some phd people are complicated..;) same thing can be achieved easily by:-- youtube videos, good instrumental songs (bez lyrics will trigger mood or memories), sleep, travel, talking n having drinks with someone close by,..

or is it just me being too easy!?p)