November 11, 2009


Almost £200 pound vanished from my account this month...parking and cancelling tickets to a dream land....etc.. etc.. Just changed new battery in my car...More than money..wasted endery... and still wasting my energy in chasing an illusion...Today got into a big debate, Should I be selfish and drag the other people into my illusion..well! they have been part of my illusion... without being aware of it...will it be fair to let them know about my illusion? what's the point? Just seeing someone's name +1 in a doodle poll...can drain all my fully charged batteries???..What a big illusionist I am! Practising all the major religions once upon a time in my life ...helped me today to remember these favourite lines from Bhagavad Gita!

What of yours did you lose?
Why or for what are you crying?
What did you bring with you, for you to lose it?
What did you create, for it to be wasted or destroyed?
Whatever you took, it was taken from here.
Whatever you gave, it was given from here.
Whatever is yours today, will belong to someone else tomorrow.
On another day, it will belong to yet another.
This change is the law of the universe.

-Bhagavad Gita!

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